Dr. D.R. Kulkarni

Gastrointestinal & Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgeon

23 Years Experience

in the field of Gastrointestinal and Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery

Gastrointestinal & Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgeon

Dr. D. R. Kulkarni is an eminent Gastrointestinal & Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgeon in city of Mumbai, India. He has 23 years experience in the field of Gastrointestinal and Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgery.

He earned his medical degree from Mumbai University and began his surgical career at B. Y. L.Nair Municipal Hospital, Mumbai. After post-graduation in General Surgery, he worked with the Dept. of Gastrointestinal Surgical Services to gain valuable experience & expertise in gastrointestinal surgery and then worked in the capacity of Lecturer with the same institution. Later he proceeded for advanced training to Hong Kong and Paris. He trained at two of the best institutions in the world; Queen Mary Hospital, HK & Paul Brousse Hospital, Paris, France.

Dr. D. R. Kulkarni - Gastrointestinal & Hepatopancreatobiliary Surgeon in Mumbai

For Consultation Available At: Lilavati Hospital & Research Centre, Mumbai, India.

Monday To Friday - 9am To 5pm & Saturday 9am To 2pm
(Consultation Only by Appointment)

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